How I started working from home, and you’ll never believe what happened next

Keln, 2019. 8. 5.

PClick-bait headlines. Work every time. Now, on to the part that matters.

People who have never tried it get weird when they find out you’re going to start working from home.
When I first told friends and family that I had accepted a 100% remote position at Teoricon Capital last summer,
I got reactions that spanned from jealousy to joy to indignation.
My mom immediately started campaigning for me to move back to my hometown. (I haven’t.)
Several of my coworkers said things like, “Oh, I would hate being home all day.” (I don’t.) Others said,
“I would never get any work done.” (I do.) Most just asked, “How is that even going to work?” I had no idea.

Nothing has been more cathartic than violently murdering my daily commute. My last office job was only ten miles away, but with traffic, the trip took half-an-hour to an hour (uphill, barefoot, in the snow, of course) each way. On the conservative side, that’s an hour a day = five hours a week = 250 hours a year. Let that sink in.

It was a harder adjustment for my family than it was for me. That was really difficult to explain my three children that father needs to work in quiet. When your workplace is set up for it, working remotely is just as easy as working on site. It doesn’t feel “lonely” or “disconnected.”

Starting my day right is more vital than ever. When I worked at an office, I could show up half-asleep, fire up the Keurig, work through emails for a bit, and know that eventually I would have to at least look like I was working. There was always the looming threat of somebody coming to peek over my shoulder to motivate me to just freaking start on that project already. That’s gone now. I never have to worry about not being there for my family when they need me. This is the thing that really matters. This is the reason I chose to make this leap of faith. One more “tasty” thing – my salary. It grows day after day not because I worked harder and harder without rest and weekends, just because of slim bonuses I got at.
So anyway… That’s what I told my friend…slightly elaborated. It’s wonderful working from home. I absolutely love it, and I have no plans to go back to a normal office job anytime soon. Sure, there have been some challenges, but they’ve been easy to overcome, and the benefits so far outweigh the challenges that it’s not even a contest. This — working from home to empower creatives around world — this is my jam. Teoricon Capital.

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Thank for your advice I cannot afford myself to try I am still working for a company, 1-1.5 hours everyday to reach my job place. Really - to sink. I started TeoriconCapital too. My results are not that much yet but they becomes better day after day and soon - I'll work from home. Thanks for nice opportunity!



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These are really great! My cousin is a stay at home mom, she works for Teoricon Capital and absolutely loves it.



This is just such a good article! Thank you so much for making a great selection and showing the real deal!



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Love that you added jobs that pay daily. For side hustles and those really struggling a daily paycheck makes a huge difference.



Amazing!!! Thank you so much

Thanks to him for helping me out by getting a work from home with a good pay.


Jenner Scot

I could not believe that working from home can really be useful to me till I find Teoricon Capital and I can say my dreams are coming true with this company!

Great Job!!



You are super amazing sensei. Thanks for being you

I loved the last one you mentioned...the freelancer job Thank you for sharing


Deidre Collins

Until this moment already tried everything and all made me even more broke.

Today I got paid $1493 with Teoricon Capital. Great results isn't it?



Thank you for sharing this information a great help since I am on disability for a year. This will definitely help my finances!



I am not very good at it. Gladly - support always helpful!



This was really great. Thank you! I work for Teoricon Capital and I do like it .. I’m headed back to workin it now :)



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Nice I have been given the opportunity to work from home with this company. My working hours are flexible and the pay is good compared to my current job.